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Serious Injuries at Sky High Sports Trampoline Recreation Centers Lead to Concerns and Lawsuit

Mar 22, 2011 12:09:02 PM

Sky High Sports operates eight popular recreation centers along the West Coast featuring wall-to-wall trampolines. The company has come under scrutiny recently due to a rash of serious injuries at its facilities.

KGW reported on the facility in Tigard, where emergency crews responded to fifteen ambulance calls in the first few months the facility operated, several of which were for serious injuries. In response to the report, Sky High issued a written statement that the company is committed to safety and that the injury rate is still quite low considering the number of customers (read the full statement at the link above). 

Learn about the case of a child injured at Sky High Sports in Oregon.

KIRO in Seattle reports that the at the Sky High center in Bellevue, there have been several incidents involving gruesome broken bones and leading to a lawsuit for negligence. Similar injuries have been reported at Sky High’s other locations.

While patrons are advised of the safety risks and are required to sign a liability waiver before playing at the facility, questions have been raised as to whether minors can truly enter into such a contract, and whether safety standards are too lax.

Update: continuing reports of injuries at Sky High Sports, Sky Zone Sports and other facilities have led to questions about design flaws and other safety problems.

See Trampoline Parks Face Critical Safety Issues.



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They should not be allowing minors to sign the contracts. They should ensure that minors are always with a responsible adult, who would sign for them. This would work

Debra Savittieri

How many people have to DIE or get seriously Injured before there are any Safety regulations required before opening up these Jump Parks to the unassuming public?
Sheesh! My son's BEST friend,(age 30) is now in a coma for God's sake due to a preventable accident that occured in one of the Jump parks in AZ thru continued gross negligence of the lack of park safety rules, regulations, and safety procedures necessary to revive the injured. Shameful and a Death Trap- enter at own risk.


Honestly I would rather not allow my son or any kid to go to a facility where they will let you sign a waiver. But then again it is just me, lots of other people really have a knack for toying with danger.

injured costomer

I broke my tibia, fibia, shattered my ankle, and tore 3 tendons in my ankle here along with 2 surgerys on my leg after signing this waver and i still hold them responsible and will not return. Not a recommendation to go here inless you are accepting to the fact you may get seriously injured.

Tom D'Amore

I'm sorry to hear you were so seriously injured, and wish you the best of luck with your recovery.

injured patron

just got injured at Sky Zone in Kentucky. shattered my ankle, broke and displaced my fibula, dislocated my tibia, and disrupted my syndesmosis joint. had surgery, more to come, won't walk for at least 3-4 months, recovery will take 1-2 years, full recovery not guaranteed, at risk of DVT and permenant arthritis. I interupted my nursing education to be a stay-at-home mom and raise my children. I have been very actively involved in many different physical activities with them throughout their raising and now I will not be able to continue that level of involvement with my kids. right now, it is a challenge just to manage very basic motherly duties such as bath, clean, cook, and drive. This is a great hardship for my family. Sky Zone has not even followed up with me regarding my injury. When I was hurt (within 10 min. of participation at my son's b-day party) they offered no first aid care, it took 3 requests to get them to call EMS, they refused to help move me off the trampoline where participants were still jumping, they would not come within 20 ft of me, they offered no emergency care whatsoever. These places care only about making money off the risk of injuring the public while escaping any responsibility under the protection of release waivers. Please do NOT take your children to this horrible place.

D'Amore Law Group

That sounds like an incredibly painful injury - I am so sorry.

Many people believe that trampoline parks are inherently dangerous, especially when the rules are not enforced.

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